Dataharvest 2014 has ended

Investigative journalists, data specialists and coding whiz kids will once again gather in Brussels this year for the fourth edition of Journalismfund.eu’s Dataharvest Conference. Dataharvest+ takes place on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday morning 11 May 2014.

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avatar for Friso Roscam Abbing

Friso Roscam Abbing

Friso Roscam Abbing has been the head of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights communication department since 2009.

Company EU Agency for Fundamental Rights
Position Head of the communication department
Location Vienna (Austria)
URL http://fra.europa.eu/en


avatar for Brigitte Alfter

Brigitte Alfter

Co-founder and Managing Editor at Journalismfund.eu, a support structure for in-depth, innovative and independent journalism in Europe.

Brigitte is a senior Danish-German journalist, she has won multiple awards and is proud that these awards were always granted to her and team members.
Having practiced journalism for more than a decade on local, national and European level she realised the need for cross-border collaborative journalism structures during her years as EU correspondent for Danish daily Information from 2004-2008.
Back in Copenhagen she combined the early years of building the Europ... Read more
Company Journalismfund.eu
Position Managing Editor
Location Copenhagen
URL http://www.journalismfund.eu


avatar for Cecilia Anesi

Cecilia Anesi

Cecilia Anesi is a reporter with and founder of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism in Italy. Before creating IRPI, she co-authored the investigative journalism documentary Toxic Europe which won the Best International Organised Crime Report Award 2011. Within the work of IRPI Cecilia co-authored investigations on counterfeited food; on the offshore in the ICIJ's Chinaleaks spinoff and on complex financial frauds with The Wolves of Europe (2014), a work produced by Correct!v and published in four languages. In February 2015 IRPI's 'the couchsurfing

... Read more
Company IRPI, Italy
Position investigative reporter
Location Perugia


avatar for Maik Baumgärtner

Maik Baumgärtner

Maik Baumgärtner is a German journalist and author based in Berlin. He works as a freelance investigative journalist for newspapers, magazines and broadcasters. Baumgärtner specialises in right-wing extremism, racism, discrimination and anti-democratic movements.

Position freelance investigative journalist
Location Berlin (German)
URL http://maikbaumgaertner.com/


avatar for Michael Bird

Michael Bird

Michael Bird is a UK journalist based in Bucharest, working in text, photography and film - including deep investigations into drug abuse, civil war, crime, exorcism, fake news and animal cruelty. He now edits online in-depth journalism portal www.theblacksea.eu and has worked on #FootballLeaks and #TheMaltaFiles, and his work has been published in Business Insider, The Independent on Sunday, Mediapart and EUObserver, and he has freelanced for the BBC and Deutsche Welle.

Twitter: @MichaelBirdUK
Company www.theblacksea.eu
Position Editor/Reporter/Writer
Location Bucharest
URL http://michaelbirdjournalist.wordpress.com/about/


avatar for Dan Bizdadea

Dan Bizdadea

Technical Director OneImage

Company OneImage
Position Technical Director
Location Romania
URL http://www.oneimage.ro


avatar for Lisa Bjurwald

Lisa Bjurwald

Lisa Bjurwald is a Swedish journalist and author based in Stockholm. She specialises in international current affairs, political extremism, right-wing populism, terrorism, press freedom and women's issues. In 2010 she was awarded the European Parliament Prize for Journalism (press category).

Position Lisa Bjurwald is Swedish journalist and author
Location Stockholm (Sweden)
URL http://lisabjurwald.webs.com/


avatar for John Bones

John Bones

John Bones is Managing Director at SKUP, the Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Reporting. For many years, Bones was the datajournalism specialist at VG, the most read daily newspaper in Norway, and previously was editor and politics editor. Started his career at Adresseavisen in 1979. Has education in history, statistics, nordic languages and french, and realized trainings at SKUP Conferences in Norway, at Fagfestival and FUJ Conference in Denmark, in Latvia, Nepal, at VVOJ, at NICAR and GIJ Conferences.
Company SKUP
Position Managing Director
Location Oslo, Norway
URL http://www.vg.no


avatar for Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw runs the MA in Data Journalism and MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University and also works as a consulting data journalist with the BBC England Data Unit. A journalist, writer and trainer, he has worked with news organisations including The Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror, Der Tagesspiegel and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. He publishes the Online Journalism Blog, is the co-founder of the award-winning investigative journalism network HelpMeInvestigate.com, and has been listed on both Journalism.co.uk's list of leading innovators in media, and... Read more
Company Birmingham City University/BBC
Position Journalist and Academic
Location Birmingham
URL http://onlinejournalismblog.com/


avatar for Mar Cabra

Mar Cabra

Mar Cabra, is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Until last year, she was the head of the Data & Research Unit which produces the organisation's key data work and also develops tools for better collaborative investigative journalism. She has been an ICIJ staff member since 2011.
Company International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
Position Member
URL http://www.icij.org


avatar for Stefan Candea

Stefan Candea

Stefan Candea is a freelance journalist and co-founder in 2001 of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (CRJI), an investigative non-profit registered in Bucharest, Romania. He started Sponge , an open and collaborative media innovation Lab for Eastern Europe. The Lab created an in-depth magazine, The Black Sea, a lifeboat for journalism in the region. He is the initiator of Investigative SmartGrid, a new, open business model for a modular journalistic enterprise, integrating the above structures. Investigative SmartGrid was shortlisted for the European Press Prize 2013, the Innovat... Read more
Company EIC.network
Position Stefan Candea is a freelance journalist
Location Leipzig (Germany)
URL https://eic.network


avatar for Annabel Church

Annabel Church

Annabel is a freelance developer who was a Knight-Mozilla 2013 OpenNews Fellow at ZeitOnline, and previously worked building tools for journalists at the Guardian. She helps to build a community at the intersection between Journalism and technology by co-organising Hacks and Hackers in Berlin.
Position freelance developer
Location Berlin
URL https://twitter.com/annabelchurch


avatar for Ioana Cristea

Ioana Cristea

Self-trained as web platforms coder, she co-founded a free software developing company and got involved in various tech projects within The Sponge portfolio.  The most recent projects count The Black Sea publishing platform (still in development) and a PHP framework (still in development / standardization / documentation process).

Company The Black Sea publishing platform
Position Coder
Location Romania
URL http://www.thesponge.eu


avatar for Scott Crosby

Scott Crosby

Scott Crosby is partner at Kemmlers in Brussels. Specialised in transparency law since its beginning on EU level, he takes leading cases in the field. He is the editor-in-chief of the New Journal of European Criminal Law. His clients range from multinational corporations to NGOs.

Company Kemmlers
Location Brussels (Belgium)
URL http://www.eurojura.be/


avatar for Staffan Dahllöf

Staffan Dahllöf

Eager to discuss any matter related to EU-reporting, especially FOI/Wobbing-issues. Have taken part in crossborder project Farmsubsidy.org, the Facebook arrests and the MEP's Project. Also same experience in teaching EU-journalism to not-so-informed students and colleagues.
Company Freelancekontoret, International Press Centre
Position Freelance reporter
Location Copenhagen
URL www.deo.dk


avatar for Ides Debruyne

Ides Debruyne

Ides Debruyne is co-founder of Journalismfund.eu vzw (formerly known as the Belgian Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism) and the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ). He is managing director of Journalismfund.eu. Debruyne is co-organizer of the European Investigative Journalism Conference (Dataharvest). He is one of the people behind the cross-border journalism course International Research Journalism (Belgium). In 2013 he and his colleague Brigitte Alfter won the Prize for the Freedom and Future of Media. He is the founder of the Belgian non-profit organi... Read more
Company Journalismfund.eu vzw
Position Managing Director
Location Zellik
URL http://www.journalismfund.eu/


avatar for Holger Drewes

Holger Drewes

Holger Drewes is a Web developer, living in Berlin and member of Open Knowledge Foundation.
Position Web developer
Location Berlin (Germany)


avatar for Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans

Tyson Evans is deputy editor of interactive news at The New York Times, where he leads a team of developers and journalists who build data-driven web apps on deadline. He is an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a board member of the Society for News Design.

Company The New York Times
Position Senior Editor
Location New York (USA)
URL http://www.tysonevans.com


avatar for Oliver Gajda

Oliver Gajda

Entrepreneur, Journalist und Lobbyist mit praktischer Erfahrung bei Unternehmensgründungen. Gründungsvorstand und Geschäftsführer des European Crowdfunding Network, Mitgründer von Lendery Ltd. und Slingshot Return GbR sowie Beiratsmitglied des Förderkreises Gründungs-Forschung e.V. Ehemaliges Vorstandsmitglied und COO von Europe Unlimited S.A. Davor arbeitete Oliver unter anderem mit der Microfinance Information Exchange in Washington DC, der European Venture Capital and Private Equity Association in Brüssel, Initiative Europe (jetzt Incisive Media) und Euromoney Institutional Investor...
Company European Crowdfunding Network
Position Executive Director
Location Hamburg (Germany)
URL http://www.europecrowdfunding.org/


avatar for Marcos Garcia-Rey

Marcos Garcia-Rey

Marcos García Rey, Spain, is an Investigation Editor with El Confidencial and university researcher and professor.
To date he has participated in six major investigations with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) including the Pulitzer Prize awarded project Panama Papers. He is a member of the ICIJ since 2010.
In 2000, Garcia Rey became editor of the International News Service in Arabic for the Spanish news agency EFE. He was editor of the Multimedia desk at EFE in 2006 when he was awarded a research fellowship in Madrid’s Rey Juan Carlos University where he inves... Read more
Company El Confidencial
Position Investigation Editor
Location Madrid
URL https://www.elconfidencial.com/autores/marcos-garcia-rey-1640/


avatar for Daniele Grasso

Daniele Grasso

Biography: Daniele Grasso is an Italian journalist based in Madrid. Since late 2013 he has worked at El Confidencial, where he launched and now coordinates the first data journalism unit ever created in a Spanish media organization. Besides his newsroom work, he has had a leading role working from Spain in cross-border investigations such as LuxLeaks and SwissLeaks.
He is also a member of the first pan-European data-driven journalistic projects: GenerationE and The Migrants Files, The latter was awarded the Data Journalism Award and the European Press Prize in 2014, and a Gold Medal at Premios ÑH in 2015... Read more
Company El Confidencial
Position Journalist
Location Madrid


avatar for Stephen Grey

Stephen Grey

Stephen Grey is a special correspondent with the Reuters Enterprise team. He is a former foreign correspondent (including Brussels correspondent) and editor of the Insight team with the Sunday Times in London. Previous investigations include corruption in the European Commission and tracking the CIA's program of extraordinary rendition.

Company Reuters
Position Special correspondent
Location UK
URL http://www.stephengrey.com/


avatar for Paula Guisado

Paula Guisado

Company El Mundo
Position Data journalist
Location Madrid


avatar for Esad Hećimović

Esad Hećimović

Esad Hećimović is a Bosnian investigative journalist. He is editor at OBN TV based in Sarajevo. He was awarded for his contribution to investigative journalism by SEEMO and Central European Initiative in 2009. Hećimović was awarded as The Journalist of the Year in Bosnia and Hercegovina for 2011. He wrote books, including about the Garibi mujahideens in Bosnia 1992-1999. Hećimović has worked with a number of Western journalists and media outlets, including some Pulitzer Prize winners on crossborder investigations through the past 20 years.
Company OBN TV
Position Editor
Location Bosnia and Herzegovina


avatar for Adriana Homolova

Adriana Homolova

Freelance data journalist, programming coach, avid pythonista and mother of Elvis (map me tender) by profession, gardener by hobby. Based in a lovely Dutch city south of Amsterdam. Enjoys Boney M.
Company OneWorld / Investico
Position data journalist
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands


avatar for Hille van der Kaa

Hille van der Kaa

Hille van der Kaa (1979) runs the professorship of Media, Interaction and Narration at Fontys School of Applied Sciences and teaches data journalism at Tilburg University. In addition to her academic work, she is a scriptwriter and transmedia developer at her own company De Uitgeeffabriek (The Publishing Factory). Van der Kaa is co-author of the Dutch Handbook Data Journalism. She previously worked as a journalist and marketing manager.

Company Fontys School of Applied Sciences
Location The Netherlands
URL http://deuitgeeffabriek.wordpress.com


avatar for Tommy Kaas

Tommy Kaas

Tommy Kaas is editor of Kaas & Mulvad (founded 2007), who specializes in finding news and patterns in complex data and presenting the results online. Tommy has many years of experience from a number of Danish media and from training Data Journalism, including as lecturer at the Journalism Programme at Roskilde University. He is also co-founder of Foreningen for Computerstøttet Journalistik1997 and DICAR 1999.
Company Kaas & Mulvad
Position Editor
Location +4527268818 Copenhagen, DK
URL https://www.kaasogmulvad.dk/


avatar for Tatiana Kalouguine

Tatiana Kalouguine

Jour­nal­iste spé­cial­isée dans l’économie, Tatiana suit plus par­ti­c­ulière­ment l’actualité des col­lec­tiv­ités locales, de la finance et de la con­som­ma­tion. Elle a exercé à l’Agefi, col­la­bore actuelle­ment avec Le Monde Argent, Les Echos ou l’Hémicycle. Elle enseigne le webjournalisme.
Company Enqueteoverte.info
Position Rédac­trice en chef
Location Paris (France)
URL http://www.enqueteouverte.info


avatar for Arjen Kamphuis

Arjen Kamphuis

is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gendo (http://www.gendo.nl/en/blog/arjen). Previously he worked for IBM as an IT architect, trainer and IT strategy advisor. Since 2005, as CTO of Gendo, he has advised governments, non-profits and Fortune-500 companies on technology policy issues. Since 2009 Arjen has been training journalists, politicians, lawyers, human rights workers and whistleblowers to defend their communications and data from government or corporate intrusion or manipulation.
Company Gendo.ch
Position Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Location Berlin, Germany
URL http://gendo.ch/en/blog/arjen


avatar for David Kaplan

David Kaplan

David E. Kaplan is executive director of Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), the international association of investigative reporting organizations, with 155 member groups in 68 countries. He has worked as an investigative journalist for more than 30 years, reported from two dozen countries, and won or shared more than 25 awards. He has managed nonprofit newsrooms, investigative teams, and numerous cross-border projects. During the 1980s and early ‘90s, at the original Center for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco, he and his colleagues developed the model of a nonprofit investigative... Read more
Company Global Investigative Journalism Network
Position Executive Director
Location US
URL http://www.gijn.org


avatar for Boris Kartheuser

Boris Kartheuser

Boris Kartheuser arbeitet als investigativer Journalist für Politmagazine und Rechercheredaktionen des öffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehens sowie für überregionale Zeitungen und Nachrichtenmagazine (ARD, ZDF, SRF, ZEIT, Süddeutsche Zeitung etc.). Seine Spezialthemen sind Extremismus, Überwachung, Lobbyismus und Datenschutz. Er enttarnte staatliche Überwachungsprogramme, spürte Dschihadisten auf, war maßgeblich an der Aufdeckung der verdeckten PR bei der Deutschen Bahn beteiligt und recherchierte verdeckte rechte Netzwerke . Darüber hinaus unterrichtet er seit vielen Jahren investigative


avatar for Nicolas Kayser-Bril

Nicolas Kayser-Bril

Data-driven journalist, trainer & author.

Interested in pandas, D3, scraping, climate and the history of cooking.
Location Berlin (Germany)
URL nkb.fr


avatar for Lisbeth Kirk

Lisbeth Kirk

Lisbeth Kirk is the founder and editor-in-chief of EUobserver, an independent online newspaper covering EU affairs. She commutes between Brussels and Copenhagen, where she is a frequent guest commentator on Danish radio. Lisbeth holds a degree in journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Company EUobserver
Position Founder and editor-in-chief
Location Denmark
URL http://www.euobserver.com


avatar for Alice Kohli

Alice Kohli

Rechercheurin bei der Erklärung von Bern, Dozentin für Digital Storytelling und Postdigitalen Journalismus an der Hochschule der Künste in Bern. Davor Datenjournalistin und Nachrichtenredakteurin bei der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung. Jahrgang 1981, Studium der Physik in Zürich, Journalismus-Studium in Hamburg und Luzern. Berufliche Stationen bei Spiegel Online, Hamburger Abendblatt, WOZ - Die Wochenzeitung und 20 Minuten.
Company Erklärung von Bern
Position Senior Researcher
Location Zurich
URL www.evb.ch


avatar for Friedrich Lindenberg

Friedrich Lindenberg

Friedrich Lindenberg is a software developer and data wrangler working on methods to support effective journalism, activism and civic participation. He works with the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) to develop data-driven investigative research techniques and infrastructure. Previously, he was a 2014 ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow with Code for Africa, and a 2013 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow at Spiegel Online.
Company OCCRP
Position news technologist, data journalist
URL http://pudo.org/


avatar for Joris Luyendijk

Joris Luyendijk

Joris Luyendijk is a journalist, author and anthropologist running The Guardian's banking blog. He worked as a correspondent in the Middle East for Dutch Volkskrant, Radio 1, NRC Handelsblad and NOS from 1998 to 2003. In 2003 Luyendijk returned to the Netherlands, before joining The Guardian in 2011. He has written or cooperated on five books, about Islam, the news business and Dutch politics.

Position Joris Luyendijk is a journalist, author and anthropologist.
Location London (UK)
URL http://www.jorisluyendijk.nl





Andreas Marckmann



avatar for Andrea Mauro

Andrea Mauro

I'm passionate about data and journalism :)
Company Dataninja.it
Position Founder
Location Bologna, Italy
URL Dataninja.it


avatar for Christoph Meeussen

Christoph Meeussen

Christoph Meeussen (°1985) has worked 1,5 for the Dutch-speaking national broadcoaster VRT (as a radio reporter and as a tv-news researcher). As a freelancer since October 2012 he has worked mainly for Belga News Agency, covering labour and company news, as well as science, nuclear and higher education topics. From the start of his career Meeussen developed a keen interest in FOI-legislation as a news gathering tool, which has led to multiple reports in news coverage.
Position Freelance journalist
Location Belgium




avatar for Sebastian Mondial

Sebastian Mondial

Sebastian Mondial arbeitet für das Investigativ-Team der ZEIT in Berlin.
Er hat die Daten-Redaktion dpa regiodata mit aufgebaut und ist Experte
für IT-Sicherheit und Forensik im investigativen Journalismus. Für das
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) arbeitete
er an "Offshoreleaks", dem bislang größten globalen Rechercheprojekt.
Mit seinen vielen Millionen Dokumenten stellte es die an der Auswertung
beteiligten Journalisten vor völlig neue Herausforderungen. Nach der
Analyse der Daten recherchierte er mit den Teams von NDR und
Süddeutscher Zeitung Details zu deutschen S... Read more
Company DIE ZEIT
Position Investigative Data-Journalist & Trainer
Location Hamburg and Berlin
URL https://investigativ.berlin


avatar for Lutz Mükke

Lutz Mükke

Lutz Mükke ist im Team der Leipziger Medienstiftung zuständig für die Koordination von Journalismus-Projekten, internationalen Beziehungen und Projektmanagement. Er studierte Journalistik und Afrikanistik an der Universität Leipzig und der Makerere University Kamapla/Uganda und promovierte mit der Arbeit “Journalisten der Finsternis”, die Strukturen, Akteure und Arbeitsbedingungen von Afrika-Korrespondenten durchleuchtet. Journalistische Erfahrungen sammelte er im Print-, TV-, Foto- und Agenturbereich in ländlich-abgelegenen Lokalredaktionen bis hin zu Arbeiten für große überregionale

... Read more
Company Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig
Position Referent für Journalismus, Wissenschaft und Internationale Beziehungen
Location Leipzig
URL http://www.leipziger-medienstiftung.de/stiftung/team-2/dr-lutz-muekke/


avatar for Miranda Mulligan

Miranda Mulligan

Miranda Mulligan is a journalist, designer and digital strategist. Based in Chicago, she's now with Northwestern University Knight Lab and moonlights as the editor of Evening Edition. Formerly the digital design director at The Boston Globe, Miranda has focused most of her attention to the intersection of content and technology for the past decade.

Company Northwestern University Knight Lab
Position Chief
Location Chicago (USA)
URL http://knightlab.northwestern.edu/author/miranda/


avatar for Nils Mulvad

Nils Mulvad

Nils Mulvad is a co-founder of the Global Network for  Investigative Journalism and other international networks such as  Farmsubsidy.org. He was CEO for the Danish International Center for  Analytical Reporting 2001-2006, European journalist of the year in 2006,  and he also teaches data and web courses for journalists with focus on  using social and mobile media. Nils Mulvad is also co-founder of the new  Danish center, Investigative Reporting Denmark. He is partner and  editor at Kaas & Mulvad and associate professor at the Danish School  of Media and Journalism.
Company Investigative Reporting Denmark


avatar for Paul Myers

Paul Myers

Paul Myers has been working at the sharp edge of online research for nearly twenty years. He has been training his fellow journalists since the turn of the century. He first used the Internet at school, in 1978. He became a news information researcher, for the BBC, in 1995, and eventually became a trainer and consultant for the corporation's training division, in 1999. Blending his previous career as a computer programmer with the world of journalism, Paul pioneered many of the online research techniques that are now commonplace in the media. He is always developing new investigation strategies

... Read more
Company BBC
Position Research Specialist
URL http://www.paulmyers.net/index.html


avatar for Victor Nitu

Victor Nitu

Victor Nitu is developer at The Sponge Media Innovation Lab and RootIO.
Company RootIO / The Sponge Media Innovation Lab
Position Developer
Location Cluj-Napoca
URL https://0x19.net


avatar for Emily O'Reilly

Emily O'Reilly

Emily O'Reilly is an author and former journalist and broadcaster who became Ireland's first female Ombudsman in 2003, succeeding Kevin Murphy. On 3 July, 2013, she was voted European Ombudsman by the European Parliament. She was educated at University College Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, and Harvard University, where she was awarded a Nieman Fellowship in journalism... Read more
Company The European Union
Position Ombudsman
Location Brussels
URL http://www.ombudsman.europa.eu




avatar for Mindaugas Paulavicius

Mindaugas Paulavicius

Mindaugas Paulavicius was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1973. His entire professional life he has been related to various sorts of publishing in different capacities: proofreader, editor-in-chief of a travel magazine... For the past eight years he has been based in the Luxembourg TED team. He is a big fan of web publishing and Wordpress.

Company Publications Office
Location Vilnius (Lithuania)
URL http://publications.europa.eu/


avatar for Valentina Pop

Valentina Pop

Valentina Pop is a Romanian journalist, based in Berlin. She worked as a Romania correspondent for The Economist, before joining EUobserver as a reporter in 2008, first in Brussels, since recently in Berlin.

Company EUobserver
Position Reporter
Location Berlin (Germany)
URL http://euobserver.com


avatar for Giulio Rubino

Giulio Rubino

Giulio Rubino is a freelance journalist. He studied a the Sapienza University of Rome. In 2007 he has worked as a freelance journalist in Argentina and Bolivia. He wrote for Italian papers and magazines such as Terra, Il Manifesto, Carta. In 2011 he co-authored Toxic Europe - an investigative journalism documentary that won the Best International Organised Crime Report Award 2011. Since then he's been working on transnational investigations, collaborating with DR television, YLE, and others. He co-authored the "Food for Fraud" investigation produced by IRPI and financed by the EFIJ.
Company IRPI
Position Journalist
Location Rome, Italy
URL http://www.irpi.eu


avatar for Espen Sandli

Espen Sandli

Espen Sandli er leder av Dagbladet Magasinet. Jobbet tidligere som nyhetsjournalist i Dagbladet, VG og Drammens Tidende, Har vunnet Skup-prisen, The European Press Prize, IT Sikkerhetsprisen og flere internasjonale priser.
Company Dagbladet Magasinet
Location Oslo, Norway
URL https://www.dagbladet.no/magasinet


avatar for Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is an independent investigative journalist, university teacher and media trainer/consultant.
Currently he writes for the Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer, about pollution and climate change. Previously he has worked as a staff reporter at several newspapers and magazines in The Netherlands, like NRC Handelsblad and Intermediair, covering economic affairs.
Luuk teaches at universities and in news rooms, but has also trained and advised NGO’s like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. His fields of expertise are investigative project management, interviewing and data journalis... Read more
Company Story-Based Inquiry, Groene Amsterdammer
Position Datajournalist, Mediatrainer
Location Utrecht, The Netherlands
URL www.luuksengers.nl


avatar for Craig Shaw

Craig Shaw

Craig Shaw is a British journalist and Fellow at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London.

Specialising in cross-border corruption and human rights, he previously worked for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on the global “Offshore Leaks” investigation which helped lift the veil on the secretive world of tax havens.

Shaw's reports have been published in leading international news media such as The GuardianThe Sunday TimesSydney Morning HeraldL’Espresso and Thomson Reuters Foundation.

... Read more
Location Brighton


avatar for Gavin Sheridan

Gavin Sheridan

Gavin Sheridan er undersøkende journalist, innnsynsekspert og grunnlegger av Vizlegal. Han var tidligere innovasjonsdirektør i Storyful. I Storyful utviklet han teknikk og metoder for å verifisere brukergenerert innhold. Storyful har blant annet laget avanserte systemer for å overvåke hendelsesnyheter.
Gavin Sheridan is an investigative journalist, access to information expert, founder of legal startup Vizlegal and former Director of Innovation at Storyful. At Storyful he developed the techniques and methodologies for user generated content (UGC) discovery and verification, and also wo

... Read more
Company TheStory.ie
Position Co-founder
Location Ireland
URL http://www.thestory.ie


avatar for Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout

Marcel van Silfhout (1968) worked as an investigative journalist for Dutch media. He is a board member of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ). Since 2013 he has been active as an independent investigative journalist.
Company van Silfhout Media
Position freelance investigative journalist
Location The Netherlands
URL http://www.uitgebeend.nl


avatar for Margo Smit

Margo Smit

Margo Smit is news ombudsman since August 1, 2015, overseeing the journalistic output of the Dutch public broadcasters at NPO since january 1, 2017.
Smit has been working in journalism since 1989. She was successively a desk editor at commercial and public broadcasters, parliamentary editor at RTL Nieuws, research journalist at KRO Reporter and director of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (VVOJ). In addition, she taught TV journalism at the Master's program at the University of Groningen between 2009 -2017 and is a guest lecturer at various other journalistic program... Read more
Company NPO
Position ombudsman
Location Netherlands
URL https://ombudsman.npo.nl/


avatar for Teemo Tebest

Teemo Tebest

A Data Journalist and a Social Media Web Developer from Helsinki who knows Drupal. Founder of statster.info. Currently occupying Yleisradio.
Company Yleisradio
Position Data Journalist and a Social Media Web Developer
Location Helsinki (Finland)
URL http://teelmo.info


avatar for Dino Trescher

Dino Trescher

Dino Trescher is a science journalist and founder of the Constart Correspondent Network, an alliance of 29 international journalists. He is based in Berlin, reporting on knowledge-intensive and socially relevant topics at the interface of science, technology and society. His work has been published in renowned media outlets in German and English. In addition, he teaches scientific writing at Alice Salomon University and moderates techno-scientific debates.

Company Constart Correspondent Network
Position Science journalist and founder of the Constart Correspondent Network
Location Berlin (Germany)
URL http://www.constart.com


avatar for Albrecht Ude

Albrecht Ude

Albrecht Ude is based in Berlin (Germany) and Friesland, works as freelancing journalist, researcher and research-trainer (online-researches, source checking, fact checking and security issues).
writes for several newspapers and magazines, print and online. focusses on structured internet researches, privacy and security, censorship and civil rights in the digital world.
teaches at journalist’s academies, publishing companies and broadcasting stations inhouse, also at universities.engages as editor in chief of the newsletter of the German investigative journalists association “netzwerk reche... Read more
Company Netzwerk Recherche
Position Recherche-Trainer
Location Berlin
URL https://ude.de


avatar for Stefan Urbanek


avatar for Astrid Viciano

Astrid Viciano

Medical doctor (M.D.) (Doctorate: Immunology and Virology), M.A. in Specialized Journalism at USC Annenberg '11. Science and medical reporter. She writes articles in German, English, and Spanish.

Professional experience as a staff reporter at FOCUS, DIE ZEIT and STERN, major weekly German magazines/newspapers.
Position International, multilingual freelance reporter, medical doctor, lecturer in science journalism
Location Paris, France


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Martin Virtel

Editor at dpa-newslab, and partner at Open Data City, has been working at the intersection of digital technology, software development and journalism since 1989. Lecturer in multimedia journalism at the University of Barcelona, advisor for small and large media companies, formerly team leader for development at Financial Times Deutschland and editor at Zeit Online. Twitter: @mvtango

Company dpa-newslab / Open Data City
Location Hamburg
URL https://twitter.com/mvtango


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Jop de Vrieze

Jop de Vrieze is a Dutch science journalist and author. He studied medical biology and science communication and writes about life sciences. He has been freelancing since 2008 with short stopovers at Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad and monthly Quest.

Position Dutch science journalist and author
Location The Netherlands
URL http://www.jopinie.nl


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Stefan Wehrmeyer

Stefan Wehrmeyer ist investigativer Softwareentwickler. Er startete 2011 das Informationsfreiheits-Portal FragDenStaat.de und arbeitete von 2014-2017 beim gemeinnützigen Recherchezentrum correctiv.org an datenjournalistischen Projekten. Momentan kämpft er für mehr Informationsfreiheit bei der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland und ist nebenher als freier Datenjournalist tätig.
Company Open Knowledge Foundation
Location Berlin


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Ivo van Woerden

Ivo van Woerden works as a freelance journalist for several Dutch and Belgian media including Vrij Nederland, HP/De Tijd, Trouw, Volkskrant, De Morgen. Ivo has been nominated for Dutch journalism award De Tegel and he's written two books: Undercover in de ouderenzorg (2011) and Het drama van Alphen (2013).
Company freelance
Position investigativ journalist/author
Location Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
URL http://www.ivovanwoerden.com




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Shyamlal Yadav

Shyamlal Yadav is one of the pioneers of the effective use of RTI for investigative reporting and asking questions of the powers that be. He has authored a book titled JOURNALISM THROUGH RTI: INFORMATION, INVESTIGATION, IMPACT, which was released recently and is being widely appreciated as a "must have and a must read" for reporters, editors, journalism teachers and also for concerned citzen. His work on India’s polluted rivers, Streams of Filth (India Today, December 30, 2009) was selected by UNESCO as one of the 20 best investigative reports across the globe. A member of the investigative bureau... Read more
Company The Indian Express
Position Senior Editor
Location New Delhi (India)
URL http://indianexpress.com


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Blaz Zgaga

Blaž Zgaga is a freelance investigative journalist living in Slovenia and is co-author of the trilogy In the Name of the State, which explores arms smuggling in the Balkans during the conflicts of the 1990s. He is regularly publishing in Croatian magazine Nacional. After disclosure of a US DIA secret operation in 2000, he was prosecuted for - and later cleared of charges of - revealing military secrets. In a collaboration with Finnish journalist Magnus Berglund, they revealed massive corruption in the Patria arms deal in 2008. Then prime minister of Slovenia was convicted to two years in prison for Patria bribery by the Higher Court in April 2014. Zgaga is a member of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists... Read more
Position freelance investigative journalist
Location Slovenia
URL http://www.journalismfund.eu/blaz-zgaga


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Jörg Zipprick

Jörg Zipprick, born in 1965, is a journalist, author and food critic. He is a regular contributor to magazines in Germany ("Stern", "Lufthansa", "Beef!", "Private Wealth" and others), France ("g-mag") and Switzerland ("Plaisirs - gastronomie et voyages" with his column "Le coup de gueule de Jörg").
In 2005, Jörg Zipprick received the "Gourmand World Cookbook Award" in the category "best French cuisine book in the world" for his book "Südfrankreich, Küche & Kultur" (South of France - Food and Culture, Munich 2004).
In September 2010 he was awarded "International Cognac Writer of the Year" in Cognac, France... Read more
Position Journalist, author and food critic
Location Germany